Phat Pipe…

World Record Transfer SpeedGizmodo has this awesome little article about a world record breaking piece of fibre – optic that is. Speak about phat pipe? How about 25.6 TB of it? That’s 25.6 Terrabits for the technically challenged, or 25,600 Gigabits, which is 25,600,000 Megabites of data per second. Consider that Telkom’s fastest is 4 Megabits and you might get an idea of the kind of speed we’re talking about here.

That’s about the same as transferring a DVD movie collect of about 680 titles in one second. It works out to be about 3,200 Gigabytes per second, a truly stupid number. The only sad part is that modern computers wouldn’t be able to process that much information – your ethernet port can only currently handle 1 Gigabit, with the new version of Cat 6 being able to handle up to 10 Gigabits. So you’d need a completely new internal specification for your workstation.

3,200 Gigabytes per second – heh. That’s just dumb.


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