An 8-Bit Tie

An 8 bit tie

An 8 bit tie – how much more awesome can you get?

I already know of at least three people who would seriously consider wearing this, and I know of one who is probably placing his order as he reads this. An 8-bit tie! Awesome. I’d wear one, but then I’m a geek – so no real surprise there.

I think this is one of the reasons why we love Thinkgeek so much…



  1. mook · April 2, 2007


    mesa wants it
    mesa needs it

    mesa demands it!!
    jebbity get me tie!

  2. jebbx · April 2, 2007

    A threat like that might just result in you being issued with a tie – then again maybe not.

    When are you starting your own blog Mook?

  3. jebbx · April 2, 2007

    Buggery – they’re out of stock lad.

  4. mook · April 2, 2007

    mesa needs own internet first 😦

    soon …
    as soon as the iburst coverage map racially slurs me from white to orange

    but mesa not that exciting and opinions are always slewed to the wacky

  5. jebbx · April 2, 2007

    Which, lad, is exactly why we need you to get a blog 😉

    Need the, er, whacky, ka-pooooooooink!

  6. Steven · April 3, 2007

    Dude, I’d seriously make your blog my home page purely for words such as ka-pooooink to grace my screen every morning.

    mesa demands it….

  7. mook · April 4, 2007

    oooh… oooh…
    mesa got a word for you


    mesa lipreading skills not to good but think that what idiot in traffic say

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