James, My Plane If You Will

Boeing 787 Theorectical Cabin for Russian BillionaireStolen shamelessly from Cherryflava, I noted this article which discusses a theoretical airplane for the fabulously wealthy thirty-something millionaire (billionaire, he-with-too-much-money). Pretty kewl. Makes for a comfortable journey I would imagine 😉

Having looked through the article briefly, there are some things that appeal to me, and of course, my mind goes and looks at some of the technical aspects, such as the semi-translucent walls; wouldn’t that be annoying when you’re making a day trip – it’d get kinda warm, so would they use an LCD like polarisation of the walls, or what? It’d be pretty awesome to be able to click a button and viola, the walls are transparent, click, viola, now they’re not. So incorporate it.

Your walls are made of LCD cells that act as either windows, shade or televisions. I’m sure they could do it if they piled in enough cash.

Anyway, the thing looks interesting, if a bit on the weird side, but I’m sure that anyone given half a Mango would love to give it a bash on a 24 hour flight – or even a trip up to old Joey’s… Especially for that wall-sized tv screen with the relcliners. It rox.


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