Top 10 Sexiest Robots Evar!

Number Six from Battlestar GalactiaA typically geek moment, so do not take too much stock into it. YesButNoNutYes has a list of the top ten sexiest robot women of all time. The comments contest the list quite severely before trailing off into the usual vulgar idiocy that we often find on such lists and boards.

Nontheless, herewith the list. Linkity!


One comment

  1. CrazyBunny · April 25, 2007

    Sigh – the things us NORMAL girls have to try live up too!
    We have our significant others looking at these perfect, airbrushed,spend 5 hours a day in the gym with personal trainers,have chefs to cook our meals, woman and then be expected NOT to feel inferior??
    “But we dont want you to look like that” they say…. ja whatever!

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