There Is No Good News

Every morning on my way to work, and more often than not on my way home from work, I get to hear the news on the local radio channel. After a week of noticing this, I have the following statement to make: There is no good news in this country. Or maybe it’s just in my part of the country.

The radio station that I listen to is known for it’s light heartedness, it’s comic DJ’s, and it’s slightly older music dating from the eighties towards the mid nineties with the occassional current “hit”* added in for good measure. Which is why I find it so strange that the 07h00 news and the 18h00 news always seems to be Bad News!

Now some may say that hearing that a criminal has been sentenced to  30 years imprisonment is good news, but I don’t feel tha that is always the case. Take for example the news this morning where they said that a killer will be sentenced today. They then tell us that this killer kidnapped, sodomised** and then murdered a 6 year old child almost two years ago.

It’s a fantastic piece of news that our criminal justice system were able to capture and successfully prosecute this monster. What upsets me is that there are these kinds of monsters in my country. And it’s not just this one isolated incident. Almost everyday I am hearing about terrible crime, and it’s getting closer and closer to my home town.

I hear that they are blowing up ATM’s in Port Elizabeth now. Two in about three or four days. The cops apparently have no leads. It must be real easy to lay your hands on explosives in the Eastern Cape or something. There just never seems to be good news. Real good news.

Our politicians turn a blind eye to everything, or drag their feet to such a degree they may as well not even pitch up at work***.  All I hear these days are how things cannot be done, how they’re working on it, how everything is going to take time, and then they turn around and spend millions on white elephant pet projects.

I really do not understand why our government doesn’t do anything. They have the ability, they have the capability, they have the resources to begin repairing this country and instead, they sit back, fly all over the world, act as if we are the greatest country in Africa, and seemingly pretend that nothing is wrong.

I shudder to think of the coming 2010 soccer fest. Our president denies that there is a power problem in South Africa. Daily Eskom, the power provider, gives alert status begging the country not to use so much power. What on earth are they going to do when we get an influx of tourists for the 2010 world cup? If we get any tourists at all considering the crime epidemic that is happily skipping it’s way through our country.

I wonder if this qualifies me as one of those white whiners that our safety and security minister told to leave the country if we’re going to whine about it so much?

Rant over – I have work to do.

* and by hit I usually mean crap.

** Yeah, sodomised – apparently a man cannot be raped in this country still. Or a boy for that matter. They can, however, be sodomised. What the hell is the difference?

*** And by work I mean arriving in their offices after 10, having their morning coffee with the newspaper and then leaving (strategically leaving their jacket at their desk) and returning at about 15h00 to collect their jacket and go home. For which they get paid a massive salary. +

+ But at least they do more than our “kings” who get paid for being born – about R 40,000 a month. More than I make, that’s for sure. Not to mention the Mercedes 4×4’s that they are given so that they can drive “a vehicle fitting their station”. And the fact that they can flounce most national laws and multiple wives because they are “traditional leaders”.


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