Mobile Means Mobile

Yesterday evening I had a doctors appointment. While I’m in the consulting room going over my blood results for my latest diabetes check up, I get a call from the office. I put it to voicemail and finish my appointment.

Heading outside, I climb into my car and call the office. Turns out that the solutions suite for our Syspro server have stopped responding to web requests. Oh dear – I now have a choice, spend twenty minutes fighting traffic back towards the office, then spend another twenty minutes remoting into the servers and restarting them, and then fighting another hour to get back home.

So instead I hop out the car, grab my notebook from the boot, dial up my Hyperlink Mobile account, connect via the Vodacom / Mobile Internet Solutions deal at 1.8Mbps to the Internet, dial into my Johannesburg VPN server and remotely restart the servers.

While I’m waiting for the servers to restart, I start my car, drop the notebook onto the passenger seat and take a drive to the pharmacy a few minutes away to pick up the scripts that I need. As I pull into the parking lot I notice that one of the servers has restarted (I use a simple batch script which I wrote to continuously ping any IP that I state continuously). While the other machine takes its sweet time to restart, I remote desktop into the finance server and make sure that everything is all up and running, and by the time that’s done, the web server has finished it’s restart. I log in remotely to it and confirm everything is working there.

I contact the office and tell them that the restart has been done, and everyone’s happy again, and I’m the hero.

Mobile broadband is fantastic. It’s just such a pity that it is so expensive in this country. We really need to de-regulate the communications industry – there’s far too much government involvement in it.

Anyway, I thought it was awesome to be able to do this while driving around, so I just thought I’d share.


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