It’s been a harrowing period in my life, and I really shouldn’t down play it. There’s been enough drama to make an ongoing story line for just about any soap opera out there, and some of it has been really harsh, and good friends have been lost to bitterness and jealousy. Pride can be a real arsehole.

Regardless, things are on the up and up. As the year has gone from bad, to worse, to perhaps more than is sufficiently fair(1), things are finally starting to come out and improve, no matter how slowly it may be. So with a little bit of hope that’s left, we start the rebuilding again.

Work, as always and as usual, is a pain in the arse, but it is getting better. Within the next two to three weeks things should be where they are supposed to be, and the work load will evolve into maintenance and improvement, instead of complete abandonment of sanity and fire fighting.

So here goes. Hopefully this will be the first post of a more reliable babbling of thoughts and ideas and such. I will probably focus on three things, geekery, roleplaying, and my home country, South Africa.


(1) There were enough bad things that happened to me this year that I began to wonder if maybe there was a god up there and that he really didn’t like me, or something.


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