Getting back into it

I had a short chance at work today to write about 500 words on my upcoming campaign. Mostly simply description for a new location that my players will be travelling too, and with it, some additional fluff for my campaign world.

It’s amazing how difficult it can be to start writing again, especially when you are wanting to take an existing topic, and remake it into something vaguely familiar, but new and exciting. The concept is to entice the players into trying to find out more about the game world itself instead of doing the usual search and destroy.

As such, I am hoping that the players will find reason to research the new plane, called the Burning Realm, and in doing so, learn something more of the game world that they are playing in.

Anyhow, I’m heading off home now, and this evening is mega-burgers at Inkwenkwezi (pictures will follow). This Saturday is my 31st! Gads getting old! And then it’s time to start attacking the campaign will full flourish!



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