This is a first

I’m sitting in the East London airport, waiting for an emergency flight out to Johannesburg so that I can spend the next four days trying to recover the companies domain controller. The outsourced technician that we have at the head office has been working on the server for two days, no luck thus far. This is after the server spent three weeks effectively down during the Christmas period, loosing all inbound emails for that period.

Myself and our sister company’s IT Manager are heading up country to deal with the situation. It’s amazing how things have changed. A year and a bit ago I was in a network admin job, never travelled for work, and was facing the closure of the plant I was working for. Now I’m blazing a trail all over the place, this is the first of two trips this month to Johannesburg, there will be more during the course of the year, and trips to Port Elizabeth and other local area’s. If I can play the cards right I might even be able to get over “die groot dam” and into Germany. (note to self: learn German).

I’m hoping to convince the people up country to redo the entire domain, from the server installation through to the actual design and structure of the active directory. IT’s a big ask, but I think it’ll be the best option in the long run. It’s all good I guess.

Budgets are due by the end of February, although I got asked today to have an estimate in by Tuesday. Probably looking at two mil. Maybe I can get them to agree to the original budget of about 3. Need a couple of servers.

It’s my baby’s birthday on the 22nd of Jan. I’m not going to be here, which sucks insanely. I’m hoping that I will get the chance to wander about Menlyn so that I can get her a decent gift. We’re not entirely seeing eye to eye at the moment.

In happier news, I’ve got a roleplaying group and the first session is due up in the first week of February. I’ve been working on the game world, it has some shape and substance. Got a couple of pages togehter. The adventure itself is also starting to look pretty good. It’s a continuation of the original campaign, so the old playuers are happy. I have two new players starting, so that’s also good for me – new blood.

Well, that’s about it – arbitary post. I haven’t posted for a while, so I guess this is a good start.



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