In Response to a God of Justice

This is in response to letter to our local newspaper, which can be found here. This seems to be a somewhat typical letter of religious intolerance in the local area of the Eastern Cape. It is not entirely surprising that the author does not give their name, but instead calls themself “Celibate by the Grace of God”.

Of all the so-called sins of the Bible, this is one that has always annoyed me. Virtually all of the condemnations within the Bible point back to a simple ruling in Leviticus, that should a man lay with another man, as a man lays with a woman, he has commited an abomination and should be slain. Mind you, the chapter continues to state that should a man lay with a man and then later lay with a woman, that both he and the woman have committed an abomination and should be salin.

Levitucs, and Christians who always refer back to this basic principle of homophobic Mosaic “law” irritate and annoy me no end (which, by the way, is a sin). Levituc also goes on to say that woman who rouge their cheeks, pain their nails, are raped within city walls and do not call for help, all of these terrible women should be stoned, hung, slain, beaten and a variety of other barbaric punishments.

I’ve never understood what people have against homosexuals. If two people love each other, bully for them. Why a love affair must produce off spring is something that boggles the rational mind. There are already too many people on this planet – why add more?

Love should be cherished for what it is, no matter who it is between. Then again, the world is filled with idiotic laws and aproaches to love and sexuality – after all, it’s legal, somehow, to marry a dog in India, but not another man. That makes such perfect sense, doesn’t it?

I unfortunately cannot find my bibles in the mess that is my study, so I cannot delve into this topic further without relying on the greatest enemy of religion, the Interweb. Since the information on the Interweb is usally prejudiced in one direction of the other, I would rather seek out my own answers in the actual text, and respond in greater depth later.

Religion, or the choice not to have religion, is obviously a very personal thing. Discuss religion and politics in the same vein – amongst close friends and lovers. Do not, under any circumstance, attempt to force your religion, and your “rules” against those that disagree with you.

Surprisingly, a society without religion would not descend into utter anarchy. Basic premises of moral pscyhology are built into the human genome. It is not a natural instinct to harm others, which is why it is only the minority that does commit such acts.

I have still found the most difficult tenant to follow is one from the wiccan aproach to religion. And I’m talking of the old pagan version not the modern fashionable version. It simply states: “An so long as it harm none, do thee what thy will.”

Simply attempt to consider the ramifications of performing each action without causing any harm to anyone. It is a virtually impossible promise to keep. Very often, I think that it is those who follow religion with such blind prejudice that need to be censured, taken aback, and shown the pain that they cause and inflict on others that do not agree with their outlook.

If God, the Hebrew one, were to exist, I do not think that I could follow His guidance. I most certainly would not worship him, for he is a jealous, and angry God. He is also petulant, petty, and utterly arogant. He is homophobic, mysoginistic and xenophobic. In truth, this “all-loving” God, is one the greatest haters in all of His perfect creation.


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