Fun with IE 8 Beta 1

So, being in the geeky mood that I am in, and since I am already running FireFox 3 Beta 3, I thought – bugger it, I’m going to install IE 8 Beta 1. So I download the 14.5Mb file, and begin the install process (but not before setting a restore point).
Needless to say, it didn’t install. One of the things that I dislike strongly about Microsoft Software available off of their website is that it often asks to download the latest updates, which is odd, since I just downloaded the appliction – it should be the latest.
Anyway, I attempt to download said update automatically, but hey, that fails too. So I download it manually, and start smelling a rat. Or more specifically, begin to suspect that there is no way in hell that IE 8 is going to run on my current installation. The update it is looking for, is a file that fixes a language bar error which causes crashes in some obscure situations.
Regardless, and being cavalier about it, I attempt to install the update, which it then tells me that I cannot do because, well, the service pack that I have installed has a later version number than the patch itself.
Therefore, unsurprisingly, IE 8 Beta 1 does not work, not even install, on Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3. Go figure.


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