Strange Days

Things have been changing over the last few weeks, it’s almost as if I’m waking from a long period of dull slumber. There are still, as there will always be, things in my life that need radical change, and that will never quite satisfy me. Recently however, new events, have re-energized me, and now I feel like taking the bull by the horns again.

The biggest bombshell that has struck so far is the fact that my family have made the decision to move to New Zealand by no later than the end of the year. Already my brother-in-law has been to Christchurch and Aukland looking for employment, and my sister has also ensured that they qualify for immigration.

The interesting thing is that once they are there, I will virtually automatically qualify for immigration under the Family Quota law, or something like that. As such, Bunny and I have been spending a lot of time looking over New Zealand, and trying to find contacts that we can mine for information. A side effect of this has been the discovery of a lot of people that are leaving South Africa in a rush, just to escape the government and their bungling attempts at governance. This is one such site here.

Our greatest concern about moving to a new country is our dog. He’s like a child to us and still very young, he’s only three. We’ve examined some of the quarantine kennels in New Zealand and have settled on Canterbury Quarantine which seems to suite our needs. I still need to mail them for prices, but some of the other sites that I have visited suggest about NZ$ 1,200 a month. The quarantine period is 120 days, so that’s be a total layout of around NZ$ 5,000 for the entire period.

Then there’s the ability to sustain ourselves while we look for work and a place to live. Luckily for me, my brother already has his residency, and he has offered up his home for a period of about three months for my sister and, later, for myself. This will give us the oppertunity to ensure that we can find ourselves some work, but there are other logistic issues, such as the fact that he lives about 120kms from the quarantine kennel which is a major issue.

It’s terrifying, exhilarating, tumultuous, intimidating, chaotic, energizing and any other word you can think of to describe the gamut of emotions that are thundering through myself and my Bunny. There’s the fact that we will be leaving her family behind, and all of our friends, but then there is also the chance of a much better life. So many different emotions and options are flying through this muddled head of mine that I don’t know what to decide. It appears that we need a minimum of R 150,000 before we can even consider going to this place. That’s a mountains, but hell, it can be conquered.

A new world, a new life.

Of course one worries about the possibility of things going horribly wrong. There is always the chance that things will go south, but one must remain, at all times, positive. This can, this will, work.

When next I post, it will be more about work than anything else. I have neglected this poor little blog for far too long. I keep making promises, but this time, this time it will be different.

Anyhow, my plane will be boarding in fifteen minutes, so I had better get ready. J out.


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