A Thoroughly Corrupt Government

The Mail and Guardian, one of the “newspapers” that has often been on the receiving end of Laurence’s scorn, ran an article this morning on their online paper about the whole Pikoli debacle; and it is worrying. Claims that everyone from the SAPS to the President of the country purposefuly obsfucating the inditement / investigation of Selebi.

A thoroughly corrupt government?

If Pikoli’s claims are indeed truthful, and I have little reason to believe otherwise, then it shows a remarkable, and terrifying level of corruption throughout the government. In essence, Pikoli claims that even the president is corrupt and is obstructing the course of justice and subverting the rule of law. I believe that in any other country, outside of Africa that is, this kind of claim would cause riotous uproar.

Yet, I wouldn’t be surprised if this gets swept under the carpet, and Pikoli labeled an “Apartheid Sympathiser” – as is won’t of the current government to blame everything on Apartheid. Regardless of that bit of vitriol, it remains a worrying trend for Mbeki’s cabinet – all of his ministers, except perhaps old Trevor, are being looked at with greater and greater levels of scorn from the people of South Africa, or at least the white people and the “coconuts” (which is apparently an acceptable derogatory statement) that live and pay their taxes in this country.

On face value, if Pikoli is telling the truth, then the law must apply, and even the president should be arrested and charged. Which would be a shock. The fact that Selebi is possibly corrupt, is a further worrying factor of this country, it’s no wonder that so many skilled people are fleeing the country. I really need to find some good news about this country, and soon, otherwise I’m going to be labelled a “white-frighter”.

Eish. Have a look at our country, it’s beautiful, but it’s weeping. We have so many people, yet mostly, they’re under-educated, living in squallor, and begging for food. Unemployment in the Eastern Cape is apprently aorund 38%. That means that four out of every ten people are unemployed. Or, that for the forty people that the company I work for employs, there are twenty four that are unemployed.

Yet the government employees seem so wastefully uninterested in helping the country. When one contacts these departments and asks for a persons name, so that one can track the conversation, the respondant refuses to give it, no-one will sign for anything, and the general level of unfriendliness and unhelpful attitudes makes working with the government, even on the municipal level, an abhored nightmare.

Is there anyone out there that can speak of a pleasant dealing with the government, at any level? Considering the amount of money that we pay in tax, be it VAT, be it petrol levies, sin taxes or whatever else that there may be, why do we have such terrible service levels? Someone, please, show me the path to loving my country again.


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