Google Chrome


I saw today that Google had released a new web browser called Google Chrome. So I downloaded. First thing that irratted me was the Internet based install – personally, I despise them. Which isn’t surprising considering the cost of bandwidth in South Africa.

One might think that this is going to be a rant against Chrome, truth be told, I’m sold and hooked like a kitteh on catnip. It’s teh awesomeness! Sorry for the geekout. The browser is awesome, it’s the only way I can describe it.

For the average user it boasts a nice and clean interface, decent load speeds, and seems pretty stable. Also, from the little that I have read, it is also secure and stable. It just rocks, although it does seem to have a fair bit of Mozilla in it.


Chrome Interface

Chrome Interface

For the geek or the techie, Chrome has a massive amount of kinky tools and toys that you’ll want to use, a couple of which I actually have no idea what they do, like the Resources tab under Developer – Java Console; essentially it displays the amount of time each element of the page takes to download, or, if selected to sort by size, the size of each object. And it displays graphically as well as data based.

In addition, there’s a task manager so that you can terminate individual tabs that may not be responding, even broken plug ins that hang, such as that flash uploaded just did, it can terminate it withouth the browser biting the End Process Stick.

All in all, I have a new browser 😛


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