My Favourite Game

Oblivion, from Bethesda. I really enjoy this game. It’s so easy to lose several hours of ones life to this, much to the eternal annoyance of Bunny, can’t blame her, really, but the glorious sumptuousness (ouch, horrible grammar) of the graphic engine, artificial intelligence, and general eye candy, just makes it… 

What can I say, I’m a roleplaying nut, from Dungeons and Dragons to some other computer based roleplaying games. Oblivion takes the cake for me however. It used to be Morrowind, but now Oblivion has it. And I must admit that I am sorely tempted to try modding it. I don’t have an artistic bone in my body, but I’m a fair to middling writer, and I have a lot of experience with designing adventures for my roleplaying group.


A long view in Oblivion

A long view in Oblivion



One of the things that I sometimes think I would like to do for Oblivion is “tie-up loose ends”. Several of the quests end with something left hanging, or there are hints of quests that aren’t implemented. Take the city of Chorol, for example, unless I am mistaken there are at least two, or even three quests that leave things haning. What happens to Chanel after you accuse her stealing the Countesses painting? Does the owner of the Grey Mare and the Captain of the Guard ever find a way to get together? What happens to Elana after the Mages Guild quest? Assuming you work against her, and not with her.

Lots of oppertunities exist; maybe Chanel travels to the Imperial City and joins the thieves guild, or maybe she commissions someone to build her a hut out in the middle of nowhere and becomes a painter as her living – maybe she hires you to steal Raythe Lathanders Truebrush from Chydenhal.

Perhaps the owner of the Grey Mare is interested in the Captain but can’t do anything about it because she was secretly married but hasn’t seen her husband in years and thinks him dead – can you find prood? Maybe her husband, or maybe a boyfriend, is a scoundrel and you have to help the Captain arrest him.

Maybe Elana is so filled with rage and hatred by your betrayal, for the side of good, that she proves herself a necromancer, or maybe joins the Conjurers, or, heavens forbid, becomes a member of the Mythic Dawn. Maybe she just out and tries to kill Teekius by summoning the Dark Brotherhood, and you the player is hired to put an end to her and stop the assasination.

So much potential in that game. So much more potential. One of the absolutely awesome things about Oblivion, and Morrowind, is the ability to mod the game, much like Neverwinter Nights. Only so much more so! I think I really need to try my hand at it. I think it could be fun.


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