Thoughts on Kae’edra

Yesterday I mentioned that I want to be a writer, even if I become a game writer, I would be well pleased with myself. Over the years I have been developing a game world that adheres to the 3.5 version of the d20 ruleset by Wizards of the Coast. Recently I have been doing some thinking about it.

A strong aspect of my game world is the following of deities. There are good deities, evil deities and those that are somewhere inbetween. One of the most common deities encountered is Karthas, god of law and fire. The main reason for this is that one of the players is a cleric / paladin / seeker of Karthas. I was recently paging through the Tome of Magic: Pact Magic book by Wizards, and it made me think about pacts, this, in turn, made me tangent off on how gods would be worshipped in the game world.

One of the thoughts was that Karthas would be your atypical Crusade type god. His priests and knights would clunk around in heavy armour, the Measure attached to their hips, swords, shields, heavy hammers and the like. They would focus on pomp and ceremony, and things would be done in specific, ritualistic ways.

A deity, like Vile, however, wouldn’t be followed in the same way. Vile is an evil god, in old game lore he was the twin brother of Karthas. Vile is animilistic, his followers would be barbaric, they too would focus on ritual, but they would be the kind of cultists that would wear flowing dark robes, bones, skulls, that type of thing, surrounded by summoning circles of blood and demons and devils.

Mysin, deity of trickery, traditionally Viles only son, is more civilized than Vile. Vile relishes in destruction, whereas Mysin enjoys the game of corruption and false hope. Vanity is his domain and he speaks only in lies. His followers would also be dark cowled, but they would instead hold rites that are almost tame, focusing more on schemes and plotting the downfall of kingdoms.

It also crossed my mind that having priests of certain deities doesn’t actually fit in well with the concept of the deity. An example is Ab’beth, deity of nature and the balancer. Ab’beth would be followed by druids and rangers, but the idea of a priest of Ab’beth running around the game field casting cure spells and divine favours doesn’t fit – druids running around summoning in natures allys and the ilk does however.

Then there is Sacrifice, to whom I can imagine paladins flocking to, I can imagine the deity being venerated in a saint-like way instead of being worshipped. Perhaps Sacrifice and a foul deity like Gaergon, deity of pacts and prisons, would suit the concept of Pact Magic better than the current Cleric-type.

In a similar vein, the Spirit Shaman from Complete Divine, would, with some modification, suit Arehen, deity of death.

I think that there is a lot of potential in my game world, and I should spend more time developing it. I like the concept of deities without priests. I think that I should spend some time on this, it would be an interesting twist, along with the demi-deities, or what I call godlings, which are semi-mortal gods that walk the land, such as the Empress and the Creator.

Anyway, enough rattle from me.


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