i r poet…

A liberal state of decay
Corruption is the order of rule
Do not show us your dismay
We’ll see and call you a fool
Never weild your force as a tool
Defend thyself not, for see
They want the masked man to rule
A land where sorrow is a fee
Yet another man to see
Beaten broken and scarred
In his own pity sea
Where all hope is barred

But come, the sun rises true and bright
Vigilant for all to see the light.

So one of the goals that I set myself for the year was to write more, and specifically to write a poem, a song and a 5,000 words short story. The above is my first attempt at a Spensarian sonnet. It’s got the correct rhyming, a seemingly false Volta on line 9 and a true Volta on the second last line.

The poem is about South Africa as I currently feel. I don’t rate the poem very much, but it’s been a long time since I’ve written poetry. It’s not a bad first start, just not a great first start. Anyway, at least is _is_ a start!


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