How many of us set goals for ourselves when the new year came and rang the death knell of the old? How many of us promised a year of prosperity, health, well being, and success? How many of us swore off of our vices and decided that this year was going to be the one that made the mark?

How many of us could even recall our goals by February?

Bunny and I set ourselves some lofty, ambitious goals at the beggining of the year. Halfway through the year we re-looked them, and actually made a real conscious decision to make a difference with them and follow through with what we wanted to do, and what we planned on doing.

For me, a lot of my goals dealt with writing, education and health. Last year I took a massive knock with the diagnosis of diabetes. For the first six months everything was good, what they refer to as the honeymoon phase. You eat right, you exercise, and you start to look human again. Then came Christmas and your resolve lessens, sinks a bit, and you think to yourself: “Just one more slice”.

It catched up to you eventually. In December 07 I weighed in at a hefty 95 kilogrammes, down fifteen from my peak of 110. Eight months later I’m back up to 102 kilogrammes, a drop of two from my 08 peak. Why concern oneself with that – Doctor says lose weight, get healthy or it’s more medication. I already inject myself twice a day with insulin, and take a morning tablet every single day of my life – do I really want more?

And it’s not a play play medicine either, it’s blood pressure tablets. 

It was time to think with the grey matter and do something, and my Bunny pulled through for me. The goals are simple really; eat right, exercise, monitor the glucose levels, that’s the health part. Write, really write, get involved in roleplaying again, and spend some time thinking about the future. That’s the well-being part. Spend time brushing up on my certification, work hard, and reduce debts while increasing income. That’s the success part.

There is always more; I want to provide for my bunny, and improve out relationship more than it has already, and believe me, it has gone from strength to strength in 2008. 

It is often so easy to consider a year as being a bad year at the end of it, and then you get there at Old Year’s Eve and you think; “Thank fuck that that is over!” That’s not the case with 2008, I have to admit that 2008 has been a good year. There have certainly been challenges, no question – but all in all life is better today that it was this time last year, or the year before. 2008 is a good year. I need to remind myself of that.

Of course, things are still not perfect; I still crave sweet things. Often I succumb to my cravings, and that is something that I have to work on; but at least I have identified this as a weakness. I’m still reluctant to exercise, but that too is something that is being corrected thanks to my gorgeous Bunny.

And I am writing. Sometimes it’s small, horribly cheesy stuff (you know it is cheesy when you’re trying to write a threatening metal song and you’re giggling at the chorus). But at least it is writing. And again, it’s the Bunny that gets me to do what I want to do – instead of day dreaming about it.

So again, thanks to my Bunny.

Hopefully by then end of the week, I’ll post the words to a song that I am workong on. It’s called Nowhere But Here. Once it is done, then I can strike off another thing that I said I would do this year. Three writing projects: write a poem (done), write song (in progress), write a 5,000 word short story (in planning).

This… is going to be an awesome year!


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