Windows Vista Business Edition Sp1

Well, this is just a quick note; it’s been almost two weeks since I installed Vista onto my notebook, and so far, knock on wood, it’s been a very good experience. The installation took 30 minutes, with the driver portion taking about a similar amount of time. Not too shabby.

I’m using a Dell Vostro 1710, so the notebook has enough oomph and bells and whistles to really make Vista something enjoyable. Don’t see myself going back to XP anytime soon. I use my notebook for everything from web browsing, to development, to administration, writing and music. Occassionally I even watch videos on it. I haven’t tried gaming on it yet, will have to give that a bash at some stage.

What really blew my mind, however, wasn’t Vista so much as Ubuntu 8. I installed it as an application in Vista, and it booted first time. Impressed. I still need to spend a fair amount of time configuring the linux environment, however, as the wireless network card isn’t working, neither is the nvidia graphics card – and wouldn’t you know it, nvidia doesn’t have a linux driver for my version of the 8 series mobile card.

Have a joy joy day John Spartan!


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