Sucka for Punishment

I’m pretty sure that some people must think that I am a sucker for punishment. Maybe I just like shiny things. Why this? I just installed Windows 7 RC 1 onto my notebook.

The EULA says that I’m not allowed to use it in an actual production environment, but I don’t have the infrastructure to load it onto a spare notebook for testing purposes. So I am going full steam ahead. It’s installed on my notebook and I will be using it until I can’t anymore to see if it is going to work and what issues arise.
My first issue is Daemon Tools doesn’t work on it, but that was a simple download to fix. All in all, however, I have noted that it is using less RAM that Vista was (RAM Gadget is showing 30% RAM usage compared to average of 42% in Vista) as well as a definite snappiness to it.
It doesn’t hurt that there is also a South African Theme for this rooinek.
So far so good. More to come.


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