Apple Fscking iTunes

Apple iTunes, the worlds most popular media player is kak.

Let me explain. I was listening on 5FM about the performance of one of the American Idols and how he had done Michael Jacksons Black and White to, well, metal. That to me sounded awesome, what with me being a metal head and all. So I popped along to the Apple iTunes website to go and see if I could snaffle it. Hmm, no links, just link to download iTunes – and the graphic shows the American Idols thing in the Apple iTunes Store from within iTunes. No problem, I’ll download it.

It’s ~70MB, which to American’s is piddle, but to Saffa’s it’s a fair bit of downloading, especially on the slow lines here – but I have 4Mbit ADSL so it doesn’t take too long. Awesome. I install. It wants me to close Outlook. Not any of the other applications that I have open (which numbered a few including several Internet based applications), just Outlook. Why? I ignore the request, which is a valid option in the install set, and continue with the installation, which takes quite a bit. Fantastic… only at the end of the installation I need to restart my notebook. Why? This is a media player, not a freaking system driver… right?

I ignore the restart. Open up iTunes. It faffs with the music files (then starts searching through non-media related files – wtf?). Cancel that. Right. iTunes Desktop – no mention of American Idols (this after waiting impatiently for it to connect to the iTunes store). In fact, no mention of music whatsoever. Only online applications and some pop-cast efforts. Fine. Search – American Idols. Nothing found in the applications download section – instead advisroy on making some changes clicking here and there to expand my search options. At this point I issued my patented “up yours” to my notebook.

Have a closer look at the iTunes Desktop – find a Music category. Awesome. Click on that. Still no American Idols (still connecting to the iTunes Store and downloading crap), still searching through some of my other files, and converting this and converting that and figuring out Zero Delay issues. What? Anyway. No American Idols. Search. Still no American Idols. In fact, it is still only searching through Application Applets. Okay. Back to the Interwebs.

Go to the iTunes website, and oh-ho! Look, the page has changed – instead of a download link for iTunes, I know how a link to the American Idols content! W00t! Click. Message box: this link can only be opened by an application – select one from the list presented (select iTunes). Wait. Wait some more. Get a message: the content you have requested is not available from the South African iTunes Store.

The iTunes Homepage after installing iTunes

The iTunes Homepage after installing iTunes

What it should have under that slogan is Only Available in Certain Countires. But I guess they forgot about that.

So. I had to download their program. I had to waste my time installing the application and allowing it to go through all of its rigmaraul, only to be told that I can’t get what I want because we haven’t put it available to you.

This is the reason, people, that pirating is so prevalant. You make it so fsking difficult for people to get what they want. All I wanted was to hear what Adrian Lambert sounded like singing Michael Jackson to heavy rock. Instead, what I get now, is the opinion that the only reason that iTunes is the worlds most “used” media player (I dispute popular) is because the iPod is so popular and the only way to use the iPod effectively is with iTunes. Therefore the software is not popular, the device is, the software only exists in such download popularity because, by default, non-technical individuals are forced to use it to operate their iPod.

Apple. Fanboys love them – everyone else? Not so much. iTunes? It sucks. Delete time.

iTunes is ~110MB install. For a media player. What the hell? It also installs Quicktime – which for anyone who has ever tried to watch a .Mov file on Windows will tell you is about the worst media player for .mov files. QuickTime alternative is far superior. I really think that Apple has lost the plot with this one. The popularity of the iPod, in my opinion, is the only reason that this software exists.



  1. Valentine Yeti · August 13, 2009

    Hey. Just FYI… iPod products DON’T only work on iTunes.

    I have had my fair share if iTunes BS, and I now use WinAmp. Yep, good old WinAmp can synch with iPods.. both the Shuffle and the Video are fine with WinAmp 5 or more.

    Also… iTunes.
    Did you know that unless you go through it’s settings with a FINE TOOTH COMB, it actually sets up a secondary copy of all your music? More than that, said back-up is in a format ONLY iTunes can recognise? Discovered to my horror that all my 80Gb of music (Which I kept on an external USB drive) was now resident on my C drive… which needless to say left very little FCKING ROOM for anything else!

    Yes. iTunes. Delete. Fast.


    • jebbx · August 13, 2009

      Oh I am aware that you can use other media players for an iPod. My statement was to suggest that the only reason that it is so popular is because most people who purchase an iPod will install, or even download and install, Apple iTunes thinking that it is the best of product to use.

      My mother has an iPod and Apple iTunes. I had the dubious task of attempting to download photographs off of it. Despite going through the help file I was still unable to do so. By the appearance of it, the images had been downloaded onto the iPod into a propriety thumbnail format, and the actual pictures weren’t on there.

      This was something that my 72 year old mother couldn’t understand, hell, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to upload tiny photographs to an iPod and not upload the actual files; which it appears you can do, by enabling disk access, but you would need to copy them manually using Windows Explorer anyway. So I fail to see the point.

      Apple iTunes = Uber Fail.

  2. Valentine Yeti · August 13, 2009

    Oh Gods… enabling disk access.
    The great iPod myth. I have NEVER managed to get mine to do it correctly. There is supposed to be a way to get your iPod video to display .txt files in the veiwer, so that you can use it as a book-reader…

    What a laugh.

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