Zuma, Zille and the ANCYL

Just got three quick things to say about this entire farce.

  1. Helen Zille hasn’t claimed anything against Jacob Zuma that hasn’t been discussed in a court of law. Zuma had, by his own admission, unprotected sex with a HIV positive woman. On the assumption that Zuma has, inter alia,  a normal physical relationship with his numerous wives he would have been placing them at risk. The ANCYL instead postulates that the reason for Zille appointing an all male cabinet is such that she may engage in illicit sex acts with them. Not only is this unfounded, but it is purposefully derogatory and one could indeed say slanderous. Once again this shows that the ANCYL has no sense in dealing with opposition and believe in dictatorship and totalitarianism more so than the concept of opinion.
  2. Helen Zille seriously needs to get over Zuma. The best methodology of opposition is success. Instead of continuing on about how bad Zuma is, instead show how good you are by succeeding in your goals for the Western Cape. Zuma, the same applies – prove your opponents wrong not by successfully gaining the seat of the Presidency and lauding the fact over your detractors; instead now succeed, and prove all your doubters wrong.
  3. Perhaps, considering the infusion of sex into politics, Zille and Zuma should have intercourse – a fine method of showing racial unity and political togetherness. In the world of Reality Television and Public Information perhaps they should podcast this illicit act and make it available to Joe Public. I am sure that sales in butane and diesel will sky rocket as individuals rush out to purchase so that they can wash the profane images from their minds.

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