Adobe is the Suck!

Adobe – you suck!

A simple problem should have a simple solution. When it comes to installing Flash player 10 on FireFox in Windows 7, Adobe appears to go completely out of their fucking way to make life as difficult as humanly (inhumanly?) possible. Consider that installing an add-in into a web browser should be really a two step process – find the add in that you want to install, confirm that you want to install it and viola! It’s done. Not a difficult concept. Considering the plethora of websites that use Adobe Flash Player they should have, by now at least, developed a simple and easy method for installing it. Browser and OS detection in web devices has advanced to the point where it is pretty simple to identify what is requesting the software.

So why, why dear snugglebutt and floating spaghetti monster, do you make it so farking difficult and obtuse to install it!

Consider that I am running FireFox 3.6.2 on Windows 7 Enterprise and this is my experience: find a website that requires Flash 10 to run the embedded video. Annoyance, but a triviality to install, only it isn’t. Click on the “Get.Adobe.Com” link. Get pushed through to Adobe website to download and install Flash Player for Windows, FireFox and Safari. Note that they also want me to install McAffee’s web browser toolbar. The flash player is a 1.83MB download, the toolbar another 1MB – and I despise McAffee almost as much as I despise browser toolbars. So I uncheck the automatically checked box.

Downloady goodness! Only FireFox blocks the download, no real surprise there, click on Allow (which is such a better implementation that IE where IE would want to reload the whole farking page). It begins the download… only the download is 500+kb… eh? It said the download was 1.83MB? Ah, it’s not Flash player, no, it’s fucking Adobe’s Download Manager. Why the heavenly fuck would I need a download manager to download 1.83 fucking MB! I ask. With tears. See? Tears!

Fine, I download the stuffing download manager which I don’t need. And I have to restart my browser. To complete the isntall of the download manager. So the suck. Okay, fine, whatever. Nevermind that I’ve got ten odd tabs open and am logged into several sites. Fine. Restart the fucking browser. And spend more precious time logging back into my websites and opening the tabs that it so thoughtfully closed for me. Great, Flash? No. Nothing. But look I have a new download manager. But no fucking Flash. Back to Adobe.

No! I don’t fucking want your fucking McAffee fucking browser fucking toolbar!

Download FLASH for fuck sakes!

Clicky. Oh look, adobe download manager is now downloading the flash player. How awesome is that! Yay! And look, it’s instal-

Sorry. It fucking restarted the browser without any fucking warning whatsoever. Why am I not surprised?

Adobe. you SUCK!


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