It’s Obvious, Jebb!

Sometimes obvious problems escape me.

It’s happened before. An issue will present itself and I will examine it and then begin developing a solution. Sometimes research is required, othertimes the answer is intuitive. There is, on occassion, however, times when an obvious solution is missed, and the development of a convuluted, complex, intricate solution begins. Sometimes so seriously complicated that it would be better to simply remove the obstacle and replace it with something new and shiny.

Such was the case with my domain controller. I had been sitting for sometime trying to figure out why the DHCP service was not handing out network addresses. The wierd part was that it had been working, and then it just stopped. Various Internet searches revealed nothing. Wading through my text books didn’t help either (although I now have an intricate knowledge of the DHCP process).

Last night I switched off an old server that was still live because of fallback from when we migrated from the old domain (and company) to the new domain. This morning the DHCP service was working as expected. Needless to say I promptly began beating my head against the wall, massive face-palm. Obviously the old server was responding to the DHCP service requests instead of the new server. As the old server had the DHCP service enabled, but had its scope disabled.

Sometimes I am such an idiot 😛


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