Friday Night Firefight!

“And there was a firefight!”

Greetings one, and greetings all, indeed…
I have been toying with the idea of running one shot wonders on a Friday Night, and have started tooling around with my first adventure. It shall be Pathfinder, and set in the game world of my own devising called Kae’edra. The first such of these will occur on the 28th of May 2010. I will be looking at filling 4 player slots this time around, but usually the slots will be for 4-6 players. It will be on a first come, first served basis. So ensure that you have my email address on your safe senders lists πŸ˜‰
To those who are not in my neck of the woods, feel free to contribute ideas and story lines, or, should you require, modules that you need play tested for feedback. Any system, any story line. It matters not.
Herewith the introduction of the first such game:
Place: To be determined.
Date: 28th of May 2010
Time: 18h00 for 18h30 (characters will be handed out at 6pm such that players will become familiar with them). Play ends at 22h30.
System: Pathfinder Compatible d20 (3.5 thrives!)
Genre: Medieval fantasy horror.
Players: 4 slots.
DM: Jebb (That’s me, you keebs!)
RSVP: 21st of May 2010 (failure to meet four players will result in cancellation of event)
Requirements: dice, paper, pencils (or pens), imagination, snacks and drinks. (Bribes to DM will be considered, bring your own mini’s if you have)
Contact Details: if you need to get hold of me, you can email me on jebb.x1 <at> gmail <dot> com
Sharing: If you know of anyone else who may be interested in this, please feel free to forward this along.
Blurb: Northern Aetholyn supports a brilliant coastline called the Emerald Coast. For centuries the western coastlands of the Emerald Coast have been home to the Yurd, fierce warriors and adventurers. The eastern coastlands were home to dwarves and elves, but have long since become forested havens to human settlers. Throughout both areas, ancient ruins dot the land.
Veldagar Brunshaager is a minor noble, lord of a small hamlet called Woadhaven. For the seventeen years that he has been lord here, since his father perished of age, the forty year old Veldagar has coveted the ancient ruins on the cliff near his home. These ruins were once the Brunshaager legacy, but a terrible calamity befell his ancient forebears, and the ruins have never been reclaimed.
A week ago, Lord Veldagar and his small collection of men at arms and knights travelled to the ruins to reclaim it. They did not return. Yesterday a grievously wounded knight staggered back into town and begged the chaplain of the small temple of Karthas to seek for aid.
Perhaps the Fates have placed you here, in Woadhaven, such that you may respond to the summoning.
Characters: 4 7th level characters.(Rogue, Ranger, Cleric, Mage)
See you there!


  1. jebbx · May 19, 2010

    Well, that didn’t take long, first position filled!

    m3rcury2 has taken the position of Cleric in the party! 3 Slots remain!

  2. Joanne · May 19, 2010

    Do you play this naked?

  3. jebbx · May 19, 2010

    Lol! No, Jo, we don’t. Considering that the group is most likely to consist of male-geeks, this is probably a very, very good thing! *shudder*

  4. Joanne · May 19, 2010

    Is this played naked!!!!????

  5. Joanne · May 19, 2010

    Is this roleplaying??

  6. Joanne · May 19, 2010

    Cause then, in my books – it IS played naked….

    • jebbx · May 19, 2010

      Not THAT kind of roleplaying!

  7. jebbx · May 19, 2010

    Yes, this is roleplaying, specifically Pathfinder gaming system.

  8. Matt · May 19, 2010

    Sounds like a riot. I’d sign up in a second if I were in your neck of the woods, especially seeing our group’s going on a two-week hiatus, curse the luck.

    • jebbx · May 19, 2010

      Sorry to hear that your groups going on a two week hiatus! That sucks. Feel free to post idea’s or suggestions about games or systems we should try out. I will be posting feedback on the success of the Firefight, as well as a short story on how the players went about their thing.

  9. Matt · May 19, 2010

    Cool, be great to see how it plays out. I like the idea of a One Night Only adventure. Perhaps I can persuade the rest of my group to go for that sort of idea when someone’s out of Jozi for the weekend, instead of skipping a session. Right now we’re playing a Star Wars campaign, set just before A New Hope – playing the old d20 SW system from WotC. So much fun.

  10. jebbx · May 20, 2010

    2 Slots taken, 2 slots remain!

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