As those few of you who follow this blog as well as those who know me personally, I separated from my ex-wife in May this year. The separation was unexpected, but has in retrospect been the best for both my ex-wife and myself. A certain amount of retail therapy and a couple of brief dalliances with relationships passed before I accepted and settled into a life of bachelorhood. Little did I know that a new romance and a spark of infatuation was nearing, and it was both unexpected and whole-heartedly welcomed!

Yes, I’m going to gush.

Shortly after the separation I started speaking with Pen (MagePenDragon) who lives in Cape Town. We spoke briefly on instant messenger and a little on the telephone. At the time, there seemed a fair amount of interest from both sides, but distance was taken into account, and current relationships and nothing came of it. I cannot say that either of us, at the time, were seriously looking for anything anyway. We agreed that we’d meet each other at ICON, and that she would knit me a Jane Hat (which is a beanie-like knitted adornment for the head based on a style from Jane in FireFly).

We had little contact during the ensuing months, and mostly spoke of gaming, knitting my hat, and a few menial other things. In the interim I got involved with people that weren’t really good for me (although I met a new friend whom I adore) and Pen went through a little rough patch with her romance life as well. Then came ICON. I wasn’t sure what to expect, in all honesty, what I wasn’t expecting, however, is what I got. I met Pen in the Hall of Shinies, she gave me my Jane Hat (which was done to look like space invaders!) and then, like the little halfing she is, she vanished.

It wasn’t until much later that we ran into each other again, which is to say I went looking for her and managed to sit in on the game she was playing in. From that point onwards we spent a fair amount of time together, and shortly, we were spending all of our time that we could together.

Something was burning with a bright spark, an incandescent light that beckoned to us both. Having spent the little time that we could alone, we made arrangements to see each other again in two weeks time at DragonFire in Cape Town.

Those weeks of waiting were excruciating, and finally the day arrived and I arrived in Cape Town to a welcome by my little dwagon. Yes, I said dwagon.

The weekend of DragonFire flew by, and we affirmed our relationship. I am a geek. Pen is a geekette. She isn’t what I would normally aim for, I cannot say that I was looking for anything when I went to ICON, but I was smitten, and I still am. I’m heading to Cape Town again this coming weekend, this time for business, but I am sure that Pen and I will be able to make the time to spend together. She is amazing, and strong and independent and an absolute dream. She’s involved with the roleplaying community, she writes like mad, and she has strong opinions. Truly awesome. Also, she’s a programmer. How much more perfect can you get?

It’s been almost a week since I last saw her, and there’s still four days to go before I see her again. I adore her, and admire her. As I keep saying to her: She is awesome!

And perhaps that’s enough gushing from me for now. Let it be said that I am in a relationship! MagePenDragon! You are awesome!

That is all.



  1. Pen · August 16, 2010


    *blows kisses*

    *rolls for stealth and disappears before the dice hit the table, girlish giggle all that remains in the air where she was*

  2. NinjaLikesCheez · August 16, 2010

    Ooh, does this mean I get a Jane Hat for Christmas? 😛

    I’m glad you’re feeling up Dave!

    Love you 😀

    • Pen · August 16, 2010

      Yes, you may find one stuffed into your stocking by an over sized elf, but only if I get a vlog of you singing the Hero of Canton song 😉 (I’ll send the lyrics with.)

      • NinjaLikesCheez · August 17, 2010

        Haha! Anything! Yeeeeah; “language” sometimes get the better of me… And by sometimes, I mean always.

        I love having David as a relative, he is nerdier than me – it’s great! You and him will have to teach me all the cool D&Ds, RP stuff. But none of the Visual Basics crap *hehe*

  3. thevalentineyeti · August 27, 2010

    Ah! Love blossoms between Firefly fans!

    As a current owner of a Jayne Hat, and someone who plays Hero of Canton every gorram chance I get on my guitar… congrats guys, shiny!


  4. Pen · August 27, 2010

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