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So the last few blog posts have been somewhat depressive and dark and dreary. Can one blame me? Probably. The truth of the matter is that I want something that I cannot have, and in efforts to ward myself from these things I have been having massive pity parties. However, as is in my nature, I am starting to recognise these issues and am in the slow process of correcting these things. Some people, however, are expectant of things being done their way, and not my way. Doing things other people’s ways is half the reason I am as I am. And that is ultimately what I seek to change.

The methodology of change is to corrective assessment with third-party observation. I have realized that I lack the motivation to correct myself, and as such have enlisted the aid of a third-party. I have been given a target of 12 weeks and 26 weeks. The 12 week target addresses certain dietary and health changes whereas the 26 week goal addresses certain other health related tasks, such as maintenance of Hba1c levels and the ilk. These targetswill be addressed by independent contractors and this is going to cost me money, all the more reason to focus on accomplishing them.

The simple truth of the matter is that I have gotten fat, I haven’t been exercising and I have started smoking again, none of which are good things. According to discovery Health my Vitality Age is now sitting at 45. In case you are unaware, I’m 33. Obviously there are issues and at this point, they will be addressed, and addressing them is precisely what I am doing. Firstly, I am going to gym tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it, but I am going to don the takkies and the gym pant and the t-shirt, charge up the mp3 player and grab a towel and try not to kill myself on a bike for 30 minutes. Then I will go and push weights until I haul my arse, knuckles dragging on the floor, to the treadmill where I will walk for 10 minutes as a cool down. I fully intent to be at the gym for an hour. I expect come Wednesday that I shall be unable to function as a human being, reduced, instead, to the capabilities and movements of an amoeba.

Further, I will be addressing the eating issues. I have already started correcting my eating habits, but as I functionally correct one aspect, I appear to be replacing it with an equally poor alternative. I am eating too much chocolate, and yes, there is such an issue as too much chocolate, and yes, I am eating too much of it. Did I mention that I am a diabetic and that I shouldn’t be eating chocolate at the best of times. The net result of my poor eating habits is that my glucose levels are hovering around the 8 mark, which isn’t where I want them to be. My target for my glucose levels is 5.8, because that’s what’s on the box! For the first year and a half, two years of my diabetic state, the doctor was very well pleased with me. Methinks that he will not be quite as amused.

I have more health issues today than I have ever had in my life. This needs to be corrected. Dietary needs are to be addressed, and I’m going to have to have strong words with my house mate who has an insane appetite. Worst is that the 6’3″ fellow weighs less than I do, and eats twice as much. Sometimes I truly believe that there is no fairness in this world, but I suspect that he has worms. A pox on his cast iron super-heated digestive gut! Regardless, however, I need to cut my portions down and stop ordering large pizza’s every Sunday and start looking at getting a standard. In this way I can cheat on poor meals one a week and not twice or three times.

Then onto projects for the month of November: as I did last year, I am again this year growing facial fuzz. Yes. And no, it is not to be a handlebar, but, as last year, a bikers ‘tache! Expect that there will be, as last year, a picture diary of the progress of myself and a few fellows as we grow fur under our noses and test our new french ticklers. Further testing will be required for their filter feeding techniques and an examination of how long they can keep their food fresh for! Of course the purpose of this idiocy and buffoonery is Movember, a cancer awareness movement started in Australia some years back. It has picked up in South Africa and several other countries and is to bring awareness about male cancers. For those of you who do not know, my father died of cancer in 1995. I haven’t been a supporter of such movements, but last year I started, and shall continue to do so.

Finally, the big project for November is NaNoWriMo! And yes, I am taking part this year after having threatened to do so for the last two or three years. Some will wonder why I am spewing out thousand word blog posts instead of writing, but I figure that I can do both equally well. New mindset and all that rot. Anyway, I have created my NaNoWriMo account, I have my storyline, have plotted the first two chapters and hope to write at least half of the first chapter tonight, once I knock of work at around 7:30pm. Which is in an hour. Hooray!

A piece of chocolate candy.

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Reminds me of that statement: “Let’s invade the America‘s! Hurrah!”

Quite. They’re a plucky lot those British gentry fellows.

So that’s the state of Jebb for the month of November. Several work projects are howling at me and the dead line is screaming up towards me, but I feel better this week than last, and better than the week before that, so I would say that I am on the mend. As work piles up, I also look at the roleplaying that is coming. Corvys is running a bi-monthly New World of Darkness: Hunter game, I am running a weekly 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Campaign, and will start a bi-monthly Shadowrun game as well.

Lots and Lots and Lots happening, busy as a bee, still feel like a half-stuck pig in my rut, but I can see the lip, and I am climbing out. The big question now is: will I feel like this in the morning.

And will the morning respect me still?

Jebb out!


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  1. NinjaLikesCheez · November 1, 2010

    Movember is a funny month, I love watching everyone straining to grow a beard 😛

    Nice new layout btw.

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