Voting Day

This is a first.

Not the first time that I am voting, but the first time that I’m writing a blog about it, while standing in the queue, and what a queue.

A wise man once said that a person who votes in his country is a citizen, and a person who does not is a subject. Gareth Cliff quotes this quite often, and it’s very true.

If you have the right to vote and do not, what does that say about yourself and your attitude towards your country?

Often one finds that the individuals who chose not to vote are the ones that complain the loudest, claiming that their vote cannot make a difference.

When it comes to municipal elections, such as it is today, that is entirely untrue. In 1995, I chose not to vote in my municipality, that year the party that I vote for, and the party that I vote against had the same number of votes, a genuine tie.

Turns out, then, that such ties are determined by coin toss. The party I vote against won. I should have voted. Since then I have made every effort to vote.

It is perhaps the one civic duty that should be enforced by law. I believe strongly that every citizen of age should be required to vote.

But what of those that chose not to vote not because of apathy but choice? Rather that they spoil their ballot paper than not vote at all. In my opinion rather.

I believe that any and all South African’s should be allowed to vote. Regardless of where they are or how long they have been out of the country.

I believe that an individual vote can make a difference, and that law should require that all citizens of age must vote!

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  1. TheValentineYeti · May 18, 2011

    Well… I have the right to vote and I do not. But that’s because the ANC government craftily removed the predominantly DP overseas voters from the ballot.

    So now I get to vote with my wallet, and with my passport.
    And I do.

  2. schroeds · May 18, 2011

    Agreed, way too many apathic individuals that can’t even be bothered to find out where to go vote.

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