Hey! Only six months this time!

So whaddaya know, I managed another post, and this time it’s been only six months since the last one. Improvement!

So what has happened in the last six months and why am I posting tonight? Well, my 3TB external hard drive just gave me the finger, and I’ve probably lost most of the photo’s I’ve taken in the last eight months, but my woman, who is ever more brilliant than I am, noted that she’s been posting most of them to Facebook, which is a supreme bonus! Maybe not all is lost, except for all the series, movies, music, books, and other paraphenalia that I had downloaded over the last fifteen years (yes, some of the archives go that far back).

In other news we’ve gone Paleo. What does that mean? Well, we’re only eating things that are on the Paleo list, which means crap loads of veggies, meats, and fair servings of nuts and fruits. No milk, pulses / legumes, or grains. So far this has been a crap load easier than expected, with the last two weeks having flown past (thanks work…). The net result? Well, in the last post you’ll remember me mentioning that I was tightening my belt a notch deeper, and was worried about my diabetes. So… truth time.

My Hba1c, the long term glucose watch that the doctors run in order to see how you’re doing has been creeping up over the last year. I had a level of 5.8 – 6.2 when I was in East London, moving to PE led to a “better life” which means an increase from 6.2 to 6.8, to 7.1 and to 7.2 on the last check. As a diabetic, I should keep that below 7.0. The doctor said we’ll measure again in June and if it hasn’t come down we’ll have to increase my insulin dose. What I didn’t tell the doctor was that I already had, from 32/16 units AM/PM to 36/18 units AM/PM. The good life.

Well, enter Paleo. We’ve stopped eating crap and started eating right. Net result, lost 2-3kg in the first two weeks (I’m under 100kg since 2009), I’ve lost 10cm on my gut. Better yet, my glucose levels have dropped way back down to normal, and by normal I mean “normal in a non-diabetic”. That’s right, 4.1-5.2 glucose readings before meals (tonight was 3.9, but it had been a while since I’d eaten). And the best part if that we’re stuffing our faces with food.

We’ve also joined a gym, Profiles, here in PE. I’m hoping that it will go well, and as we’ve joined as a family I’m quietly positive.

Work. Holy crapballs. Nothing much changes there: strength to strength, a bit of a weedwhacker with the staff though. One of our developers had to leave for familial reasons, and another left because her husband was moving to Jeffrey’s. Some people have it so hard (sarcasm). We’ve made an offer to a new lady to replace her after almost a month of battling, but we’re still struggling to find new developers. The frightening part here is that I have had to pick up the slack on our portal product, so I’m writing PHP code again. Getting my brain back into that saddle is proving a challenge.

Roleplaying is going swimmingly. We’ve moved to a once a week session, we’re playing in a steampunk flavoured Arabian setting, which is definitely different, and it’s an evolution of my game world that I’ve been creating for the last twenty years. I have no doubts that my friends from yesteryear would not recognize it one iota. Well, maybe some of the names. Regardless of that, my 11th level mythic rank 2 party seems to be having heaps of fun. When I’m not trying to kill or maim them, of course.

I’ve been to New Zealand which was a real eye opener to the challenges that we face in South Africa. The biggest, I think, is the common misconception that the government is something special, ruled by individuals that are more important than Joe Bloggs. They forget, I think, that government is supposed to be for the people, not for their friends and family. The president, ultimately, is a servant of the nation, not its king, and I think old Zume’s has forgotten that, or never knew it in the first place. 

Writing, well, I wrote a novel in thirty days during NaNoWriMo. I have one chapter to go, it’s been sitting on the todo pile for the last two months now. I’ll finish it, despite how much I think it is absolute drivel, but I’ll get it done. Why do I know this? Well, I’m improving. The change in diet has really made a massive difference in my function, I’m a bucket load more energetic, and can think! Which is a drawback that I had not considered. Other side effects? If I need to look at something closely I have to take off my glasses. Unexpected.

Well, there’s an unexpected update. Who knows, perchance the weather will turn and snow will fall and I’ll update this thing more often. But then again, hell could freeze over too.

Peace, Jebb out.

Jebb X and his cat.

This guy is going away, replaced by a newer model.



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