Who Moved My Cheese

Crap balls.

What the hell happened, I swear it was only January last week and now I’m staring the end of 2014 flat in the face. And this year has been colossally shite. Too many friends and loved ones have lost family members, have had major health scares, and have simply just otherwise been cruddy. As such things have changed and I’ve had a hard time getting back to where I should be. Recently, however, I feel like I have been coming back into my own and feeling the rough edges from illness and stressors fading back. I’m still dealing with a bit of a sinus issue that just will. not. fuck. off. But otherwise I am better.

And just in time too. Just a smidgen over a month before I get married (for the third time). I’m uber excited about this. It’s part of a grand master plan, really, marriage, then adoption (yes, I am adopting, can you believe it), and then… well, time to let the cat out for those that didn’t know, or don’t know. Shirlz and I are seriously looking into emigrating to NZ next year. Obviously there’s a lot that needs to happen between now and then, and making an honest woman out of her, and adopting my boy, and getting the paper work signed, is all part of the first step.

I have to admit that I have never been happier and felt more stable in my life than I have with Shirlz. She’s the real deal. There are challenges (like the fact that I’m a diabetic and she makes the most amazing cake in the world!), but they’re all easily overcome. And for the last couple of years I’ve been the de facto father of a 9 year old. That has been interesting, and definitely different. But he’s games and star wars mad, so there’s that. Tomorrow night I’m taking him to a warhammer demo which should be interesting, and further bankrupt me (my poor bank balance!).

As a family we took a severe blow in February and it’s taken me this long to actually get back on my feet, and worse, to realize that I was actually out of balance. As such, there’s seven months of physical and creative work to catch up on, but I have learnt to let things go, so it’s new tasks, new objectives, new goals, and the past will be left there until such time as I find myself with nothing to do (hah! As if). Over the next six months it is a focus on creativity, health, family, and finance, and Shirlz and I have been spending more time talking about a home, which is awesome.

From a gaming perspective the roleplaying has been put on a hiatus, but we’ve decided to spend Heritage… I mean Braai Day, starting the Dungeons and Dragons Starter Set and then sacrificing charred lumps of flesh to the sky lords afterwards.

So yeah, that’s the grand update seven months down the line. It’s a bit scatter brained and all over the place, but I’ve started doing more with task schedulers and note taking applications, so there’s a relatively good chance that there will be another update sooner rather than later. No promises, but keep an eye out 😉



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