I Should Say Something

It’s been six months and I tend to update this thing once every half-year. So I suppose I should update this thing 😉

A lot has happened in the last six months. A truly terrible year has ended and a new one has started. This new year holds a lot of promise if one thinks about it. I’ve gotten / getting a promotion at work, will be taking on more responsibility. Trip to New Zaeland has been placed on hold for a bit, and my woman has started her own business, Cake Serendipity (check it out here http://www.facebook.com/CakeSerendipity).

My boy is doing well at school, got another merit award. Grade 4 (Std 2 to the rest of us) is kicking his ass a bit. The work load is considerably more than I vaguely remember. Having said that I’m still proud of him. He’s awesome at math (when he wants to be), and very good at other subjects (none of which look anything like I remember the subjects being called). Afrikaans is kicking him around the school yard a bit, but we’ve gotten him a tutor to help.

There’s an itch that has started again which I have been missing for some time. That creative edge that I used to put into writing and gaming. I think stopping game mastering for a while has helped, I think reading as much as possible has also helped. I’m slowly starting to get the urge to be creative again. I want to write, I want to design, I want to get something published. Which is a good sign. Last year it went away, I suspect that it may have largely been due to the constant negative events that happened last year.

I’m feeling positive, overly tired, stressed out my mind, but positive nonetheless. I am eager for this year, and I feel that it is going to go quickly.

Well, that’s all for now, peace out!


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