My name is Jebb X, only it isn’t.

My name is David Hedderwick and this is my weblog, which is such a shitty term that the entire world now calls it a blog. That’s fine with me. I’ve hit 40. I can often have a somewhat dystopian view of life, leaping from states of mania to depression, but no, I am not bipolar or even a manic depressive. I enjoy the concept of logic, and I apply it where I can. Unfortunately for me that sometimes means that I feed my own frustrations with my country and the people that live here.

Did I mention that I’m white, male, past forty and living in South Africa? In the Eastern Cape? Yeah, well, I guess I did. If one were to ask how I would describe my humour, I would like to apply such pithy titles as acerbic, wry wit, but most likely it’ll come through as slightly juvenile, oft times horribly geeky (maybe even nerdy), and sometimes utterly in poor taste. Well, if you find the humour, or lack of it on this site, disturbing, exercise your right of choice and fuck kindly off.

I have many interests: roleplaying games, creative writing, using my imagination, thinking, which seems to be severely lacking in most people these days, philosophy, religion, or the lack thereof, comic books, computers, life, novels, fantasy and science fiction. I enjoy reading intellectual posts, and I enjoy reading about things that I don’t fully understand. There’s nothing like speaking to someone better than you to teach you that there is more to life than what you can sense, and there is nothing more humbling than seeing people that you dismissed as not worth the time rising to heights that one can only dream of. Humble pie tastes great!

In case you haven’t noticed, I am a Geek. If you needed that clarified, what the hell are you doing here?



  1. bibomedia · February 29, 2008


  2. bslynn · May 26, 2010

    Hi David, I have read your comments on the decline of D&D and was hoping you might take a look at an adventure hook that I am designing in Google Wave. If you are willing you can reach me on twitter at http://twitter.com/b_s_lynn .

    Thank you for your time, B. Lynn

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