Movember 2010!

November 2010

This update is a little (a lot, it’s 4 days before November 2011!) late but here is the final pick of my ‘stache for Movember 2o10.

My 'stache from Movember 2010

Movember 2011




















November 2nd

And so the pictures start coming in, below see the images of Mercury and myself for Day 1! I am hoping that Phaezen will give me permission to use his pictures as well. If you want to send in your own images, please feel free to do so!

Mercury Day 1

Mercury, Day 1

Jebb, Day 1

Jebb, Day 1


November 1st

Yes, that’s right, it’s Movember 2010, and that means your truly, and all the fools he can convince will be growing hair fuzz. On the face. Under the nose! We should really look for women to terrorize with our snors. Below you will find the images (proof I tell ya!) that we are indeed growing these ‘taches. Thus far it is only myself and Mercury, but I trust that I will be able to convince a few others to grow face fuzz! 🙂

Jebb out!


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