Movemeber 09

Welcome to Movember 2009!

The first week of Movember is now rightly done and dusted. As such, here come the pictures of week one. I know that a lot of people are getting flack from their employers about the facial fuzz, so, I suggest that you send me a picture of your clean shaven mug anyway, show that you care. You can send all pictures of yourself to my mail address: dhedderwick at gmail dot com. When I receive them, I’ll post them!

Week 3:

Week 2:

Week 1:

Movember 2009 022

Here I will upload all of the pictures that are sent to me with regards to the Movember 2009 Cancer Awareness Drive.

Firstly, yours truly:

Movember 2009 004 - Resized

Then the bugger who got me into this:

Movember M3rcury2

Another mug added (05-11-2009)

Day 01 20091105

Another Mug!



One comment

  1. Thomas · April 23, 2010

    Woah – you guys have Movember in RSA? Ithought it was a Aussie/Kiwi thing.

    Good on ya though!

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