There. I said it. And perhaps for the first time in almost a year I am posting something to my blog. How utterly absurd is that? It’s been a rough ride, and I have mostly lost interest in this thing, so why the resurrection?

I read an old post. 

Yup. And also I got a new phone and it’s been helping me put everything back together. I believe, honestly, that I suffer from information overload sometimes. This phone is helping me put everything in one place.

It’s been so long since I’ve done a blog post that I actually didn’t even recognise the interface. It’s all Web 2.0 and Ajax and crap.

So what’s been happening, and what is my objective?

Well, believe it or not I’ve been working. A lot. At the same time I have also been working on personal projects, and moving, and doing other stuff, like finding a new roleplaying group.

So I live in Port Elizabeth, the friendly city, now. Been here for almost 18 months already. I have been promoted at work, and am now literally waiting on the delivery of my monster-sized desk. To match the bosses of course, not out of any need to compensate for anything. No! Seriously! 😉

My new title is Manager: Automotive Solutions, and that’s what we do ultimately. Provide logistics solutions for the automotive supplier industry. Which is quite the big thing in RSA. So that’s what I do to make the monies.

As I said just a moment ago, I have a new roleplaying group along with being in PE. They’re a good bunch of idjits, fools, morons, buffoons, and dicks. Wouldn’t trade them for the world 😉

Which means that I’m back on the Kae’edra path, which means more writing, and slight updates and redesigns. I have a mini-bible for the game world, and we are now on session 14. Which is the awesome. We’re playing Pathfinder. I have to say that thus far it is a major improvement on 4th Edition! Ha! See what I did there? Yup, 4th edition sucks, as I have said many times before.

Pathfinder is the right evolution of 3.5 which is my favoured ruleset for Dungeons and Dragons. 

So this post is all over the place, kind of like what my mind has been recently. I think its good to actually put something down for a change. What are the objectives for this month? Roleplaying on Thursday Rugby on Saturday (Bokke vs England). Gaming inbetween, and some writing. That’s the plan. Somewhere also need to fit in the rest of the Game of Thrones S2 and re-watch of Firefly.

Work wise we’ve got some big things afoot. Nissan have recently started a deployment of a new invoicing system which we are adopting to enable our clients a more seamless process in delivery, Ford have apparently changed their boxing labels (again), and we’re looking to provide tools for APDP processes and a continuous improvement on our current autoEDI products.

Lots to do, so little of time. The one thing that has gotten to me is how quickly the days go by as you get older. I want my endless summer back.

Peace. Jebb out.


Sn’jn Harvester, Chapter Three

Sn’jn screamed.

Sitting bolt upright, his hands clawing at the air, his breath exploded through his throat in a savage cry of despair, fear and sheer agony. His body burnt with the ravages of the poison, yet he lived. Rolling onto his side, he vomited, coughing up black bile, the sour remnants of drink and what little food he had consumed earlier that day.

Heaving he coughed more, spitting the bitter black putrescence from his gaping mouth. His hands scrabbled against the dusty dirt floor, and he tried to push himself to his feet. No sooner had he risen that he fell, a weakness in his body that he could not readily account for. But then it came back, the knife wound in his back, the poison of the child, the smashing of the assassins head into the ground.

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Voting Day

This is a first.

Not the first time that I am voting, but the first time that I’m writing a blog about it, while standing in the queue, and what a queue.

A wise man once said that a person who votes in his country is a citizen, and a person who does not is a subject. Gareth Cliff quotes this quite often, and it’s very true.

If you have the right to vote and do not, what does that say about yourself and your attitude towards your country?

Often one finds that the individuals who chose not to vote are the ones that complain the loudest, claiming that their vote cannot make a difference.

When it comes to municipal elections, such as it is today, that is entirely untrue. In 1995, I chose not to vote in my municipality, that year the party that I vote for, and the party that I vote against had the same number of votes, a genuine tie.

Turns out, then, that such ties are determined by coin toss. The party I vote against won. I should have voted. Since then I have made every effort to vote.

It is perhaps the one civic duty that should be enforced by law. I believe strongly that every citizen of age should be required to vote.

But what of those that chose not to vote not because of apathy but choice? Rather that they spoil their ballot paper than not vote at all. In my opinion rather.

I believe that any and all South African’s should be allowed to vote. Regardless of where they are or how long they have been out of the country.

I believe that an individual vote can make a difference, and that law should require that all citizens of age must vote!

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Sn’jn Harvester, Part Two

Silence echoed loudly within his head.

A single drop of dew fell through the darkness. It glistened with an unknown light, falling, eternally through the vast escape of the hereafter. Its endless fall came to a thunderous end as it clashed against the ragged skin of the bearded man’s face. Sn’jn blinked, and opened his eyes.

Sn’jn lay prostrate on threshed wheat, his arms akimbo and his clothes smelling clean but damp. For a moment Sn’jn though that perhaps he had been caught in a thunder storm. Perhaps he had slipped and struck his head, for he could not recall how he had ended up in this field, and he did remember the pain. More than that, he remembered and echo of pain, as if something had caused his body great harm, but for now could not recall exactly what had harmed him. Read More


Krill feeding under high phytoplankton concent...

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So the last few blog posts have been somewhat depressive and dark and dreary. Can one blame me? Probably. The truth of the matter is that I want something that I cannot have, and in efforts to ward myself from these things I have been having massive pity parties. However, as is in my nature, I am starting to recognise these issues and am in the slow process of correcting these things. Some people, however, are expectant of things being done their way, and not my way. Doing things other people’s ways is half the reason I am as I am. And that is ultimately what I seek to change.

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Well… shit.

I haven’t posted for a long time, and it probably has to do with the way I’ve been feeling recently. You see, there’s this girl, and she’s amazingly awesome, but she isn’t interested. It bothers me immensely because, usually, I get the message and move on, but I’m struggling to do so, and it’s driving me insane, worse, it’s making me ambivalent towards most other things. I haven’t been this obsessed with someone, since, well, I don’t think ever. It’s frightening and aggravating. I’m 33 for the love of fuck, and I can’t move on. I’ve got a lot of anger building up inside of me, and it isn’t good. I spend my time wishing I wasn’t here, the only problem is, that I wish I wasn’t wherever I am, which is useless.

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Dark Despair

I’m in a foul mood, so I thought I would write some to try and get it out. This is the result. Haven’t visited poetry for a long, long time, but I have to say that writing it out has helped my mood some. Not much, but some.

Dancing on the edge,
Deep Despair,
Hanging on the ledge,
Black Despair.

Look to forever,
Wanting Life,
Feeding the fever,
Nought but strife.

Dark morbid passage,
Bearing down,
Skeletal visage
Death’s black crown.

Night’s Clarion call,
Dark’s eternal fall,

Can I survive this?
Do I want?
Search my soul for bliss,
Never found.